Development Managers

Shaquil Osmani – Development and Recruitment Manger

Shaq has been with apaa since 2013. Starting as a young boy in the music world, he has grown over the years to become the  Development and Recruitment manager. As well as managing his own team Shaq manages all the school engagement and recruitment drives for the Development Programmes.  He has a huge passion for young people in which he engages in multiple platforms. Outside of APAA Shaq is currently studying Sports and Exercise Studies at Newman University, his aim is to progress onto becoming a Physical Education teacher. In addition, he currently works as mentor for Emerge Leadership. He is responsible for working with young people in schools where he will teach life skills. Away from this you would probably find Shaq wearing his arsenal top, feet up, watching his team lose.

Vanessa Lewis -Development Manger and Event Coordinator

Vanessa has been with APAA since 2014, initially as a student but has advanced to become a DM and the Internal Events Coordinator for the organisation is which she plans and co-ordinates our open mic night Elements of Soul. Vanessa is in her final year at university studying (BA) Media and Communications at Birmingham City University. Her dream job is to become the 5th member of the Cheetah Girls, and if that fails she hopes to go into marketing or working within the events industry. In her spare time if she isn’t on a road trip to another city then she is in bed binge watching YouTube videos.

Jayda Mills – Development Manager and Pastor Lead

Jayda first joined APAA in 2014 and was a member of the academy before she progressed to EOS and became a Development Manager. Jayda is currently at university studying Mental Health Nursing which links perfectly to her role as Pastoral Lead at Aston Performing Arts Academy. She hopes to graduate university and become a registered nurse so that she can continue to advocate for good mental health. Outside of university, Jayda is always challenging herself when it comes to her vocal. She sings to work on her craft everyday as she is deeply inspired by Beyoncé and hopes to be able to perform as well as her one day. When she’s not at work, university or APAA, you can find her curled up at home, cup of tea in hand, watching Netflix
Montana Lewis – Development Manager

Montana has been with APAA since 2010. Starting with a huge group of students from her school, she was the last one to stay on, be developed into the performer she is today, and become a Development Manager to mentor others on their artistic journey. She has an immense love for performing arts and graduated, in 2017, with a First Class degree from Kingston University London in Dance. After traveling the world, Montana hopes to complete her Masters to become a Dance Movement Psychotherapist. As well as APAA, Montana also works for a social integration charity and is responsible for encouraging young people to take amazing opportunities to better themselves. On her rest days, you would most likely find Montana listening to music, playing The Sims, or watching D.I.Y. and home organisation videos on YouTube.

Abigail Daniels – Brand Ambassador

Abigail has been with APAA since she was crawling. APAA may run through her blood but it has been her passion for performing that has kept her captivated and involved with APAA for almost two decades.

In love with the media, Abigail has always wanted to connect the dots of performing arts and creating a place to showcase ones talent. Once a timid girl APAA has brought the confidence and boldness out of Abigail making her one of many students to have come out stronger than ever on the other side.

As an inspiring presenter, Abigail is currently studying Media Production at Birmingham City University.

Outside of all this, you will most likely find Abigail at church or planning new ideas for her YouTube videos.