Academy Band

Music Development is important for young people who are interested developing a career in music and the arts. Not only does it provide young people with hands-on experience, contextual and instrumental knowledge necessary to gain footing as a professional musician in today’s industry but it also helps young people to gain confidence, self-esteem, forge friendships, as-well-as develop valuable communication, listening, team work and leadership skills that are transferable through all aspects of their life.

The Band Program 

The Music mentors respects the musical style and personality of every student. Young musicians are treated as emerging artists. They receive the tools and support they need to make music that is expressive, honest and distinct. We do this by; 

  • Encouraging participants to create and perform 
  • Collaboration – This is a big part of music development
  • Listening – listening to other musicians is essential
  • Dynamics – exploring dynamics is as important as the music itself
  • Live event experience 

These sentiments are woven into all areas of music making.

Reuben Reynolds – APAA Music Ambassador 
Music Consultant / Professional Lead Guitarist / Music Director / Arranger / Composer & Programmer 

Nathan Greene – APAA Music Ambassador Professional Session Drummer / Pianist / Music Director / Arranger / Composer & Programmer

Chris Russell – APAA Music Ambassador
Professional Drummer / Keyboardist / Music Director / Arranger / Composer & Programmer 

Reuben Davis-Watts– APAA Music Ambassador
Bassist / Drummer / Music Director / Arranger & Programmer