Academy Choir

The Academy Choir is our Vocal and Performance Development Programme aimed at 13 – 25 year olds. Our students commit to a minimum of two sessions a week, which are delivered by professional vocal Tutors, Development Managers and Academy Directors.

Our rehearsals focus on 2 key areas.

Vocal Development

At APAA we believe everyone has the ability to sing. Singing is an art and something that can be taught. 

Weekly sessions in vocal development covers:

  • Breath control 
  • Pronunciation and articulation 
  • Pitch 
  • Harmonic techniques 
  • Vocal blend 
  • Amplification and resonance 

Performance Development

Performing is skill. The ability to allow the audience to come into your world is an art that is often underrated. At APAA we treat the performance as equal to the vocal. Students then take their applied skills and rehearse live with our academy band.

Weekly sessions in performance development covers: 

  • Confidence building 
  • Stage presence 
  • Choreography 
  • Mic techniques 
  • Audience engagement 
  • Group chemistry

Vocal Coach and Arranger

Vocal Coach and Technician

Artist/Musician – Vocal Coach